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Paraschuting in the region of Zagori

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The paraschuting track in the village of Aspraggeloi

The prefecture of Ioannina, which is a mountainous place at its largest part, is a place of attraction for paraschuting. Takeoffs take place in the village of Aspraggeloi of Zagori, where there is an appropriate track, but also in many other places of the mountanous region of Zagori. The village of Aspraggeloi is located at a distance of 30 km. from the city of Ioannina and the access to the place is by car from an rural path of the region.

Climbing in Tzoumerka

Kalarrytes village

Athamanika mountains

You can do climbing at the mountainous bulk of Athamanika mountains (Tzoumerka). For more information you can contact with the local Trekking Club.

Trekking Club of Arta
7 Tzavella st., tel. +30 26810.28030.

For information about the region of Tzoumerka, please see our e-guide: www.tzoumerka.info.

Climbing in the region of Zagori

Mount Gkamila

In the region of Zagori there are many climbing fields of high or lower degree of difficulty that offered to everybody that loves going climbing. You will find climbing fields at Gkamila (altitude 2497 m.), at Tsouka Rossa (altitude 1987 m.), at Astraka (altitude 2436 m.) and at other places.

Climbing in the region of Konitsa

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From the region

In the region of Konitsa there are climbing fields with different degrees of difficulty. The region is offered fro climbing due to the morphology of the ground. You will find climbing fileds in Mavrovouni near Konitsa, in Kleidonia and in other places. At the region of Mavrovouni you will also enjoy the magnificent view of the region.

Water sports in the prefecture of Preveza

Jet skiing at Parga



Kanali beach

The prefecture of Preveza with its endless beaches is the ideal destination for those who love water sports. In Preveza you will find any beach that satisfies you more to do these activities:

  • Jet – skiing: At Lichnos beach
  • Sea skiing: At the beaches of Lichnos, Valtos, Kastrosykia, Vrachos
  • Surfing: At the beaches of Lichnos, Valtos, Kastrosykia, Kanali
  • Parasailing: At the beaches of Lichnos, Valtos
  • Diving: At Pantokratorsa beach, at the west of Kelidi cape, around the castle of Parga, at the islet of Agios Nikolaos in Parga, at an ilset near the island of Virgin Mary, at Lygia, at Katrosykia and in every beach of the prefecture.
  • Beach volley: At the beaches of Vachos, Ammoudia, Kanali, Kastrosykia, Monolithi
  • Water games: At the beaches of Valtos, Ammoudia, Kastrosykia, Lichnos and at Parga beach

Trekking pathways and trails in the prefecture of Ioannina

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Peristeri Mount

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Vikos gorge

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The mountain of Gkamila

International trekking trail E6 – Part of Ioannina
It comes into the prefecture from the region of Dodoni and continues until Loggades, Balntouma, Megali Gotista, then to the peak of Peristeri and Metsovo. From this point continues to Milia, Valia Calda, Vovousa, Distrato and comes into the region of Vasilitsa in the prefecture of Grevena.

National Trekking trail O1
Along with the trail O3 it connects the european pathways E4 and E6. It starts from Metsovo in the same route with E6 until Peristeri and then continues to Syyrako, Kalarrytes, Kakarditsa and ends in Gardiki.

National Trekking trail O3
From the city of Ioannina, as a starting point the pathway O3 passes and follows in the beggining the path to the lodge of Mitsikeli and continues by passing successively the centre of Mitsikeli, the villages Dikorfo, Kipoi, Vitsa, Vikos gorge, the village Monodendri. Then it goes down to the canyon of Vikos, in a unique passage that makes this pathway the most beautiful, for the majority of Europeans. Then, it flows to the springs of Voidomatis and continues to the villages Mikro Papigo, Vrysochori, Aoos bridge, Pades, Drakolimni of Smolikas, Agia Paraskevi, where ir meets the international climbing trail E6.

Climbing at the mount of Tymfi
The mount of Tymfi, at an altitude of 2.497 m., is the most imposive mountain of Epirus. The lanscape of high peaks, steep slopes that end into deep gorges, is breathtaking. The highest and the most famous peak is “Gamila”. On its slopes there is the famous “Drakolimni of Tymfi“, at an altitude of 2100 m. From Mikro Papigo, as a starting point, and after five hours of trekking into a marked path, the Drakolimni of Tymfi and the view to mountain of Smolikas will compensate you. Altenatively, you can follow the national trekking  trail 03 that crosses Tymfi from Papigo to Vrysochori. Tops such as Tsouka Rossa, Gkoura, Karteros and Astraka are also offered for trekking or climbing.

Other routes in the region of Zagori
Zagori with its 54 picturesque villages and its beautiful landscapes is an ideal place for hiking and trekking. Walking in its old pathways that they connected the villages you will see many beautiful stone bridges of Zagori that are famous for their achitecture and the standing thorugh the time. Altrenatively, you can follow the marked paths that cross Zagroi, such as O3 and other smaller.

We suggest you the following routes:

  • Gorge of Voidomatis, accross the river into an easy walking parh
  • Mikro Papigo – Mountain Lodge – Drakolimni of Tymfi
  • Vitsa – Skala of Vitsa – Bridge of Kokkoris
  • Kapesovo – Skala of Vradeto – Vradeto
  • Kipoi – Bridge of Kontodimos or Lazaridis – Skala of Koukouli – Bridge of Misios – Skala of Vitsa – Vitsa
  • Monodendri – Monastery of Agia Paraskevi – Spilies

Hunting at the prefecture of Ioannina

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Wild boar

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From the hunting places of the prefecture

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From the hunting places

For those who love hunting, in the prefecture of Ioannina and especially in the regions of Pogoni they will find the ideal conditions to enjoy their favourite hobby. You can hunt many kind of birds, such as woodcock (in the whole Pogoni), wood pigeon (in Agios Kosmas) and also wild boar in the villages of Vissani and Ktismata.

The hunting is allowed at the whole prefecture, except for the regions that have been characterised protcted or animal shelters.

Climbing – Trekking in Pogoni

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Nemertsika mountain

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The forest of Bouna

The mountain of Nemertsika is located at the north of Pogoni, at the borders with Albania. Its altitude is at 2.209 m. and is one of the highesr mountains of the prefecture of Ioannina. It offers ideal conditions for climbing to the experienced climbers through beautiful routes into green pure forests.

As starting point the village of Meropi, Kefalovryso or Palaiopyrgos you can follow routes of 3 or 4 hours (there are no marked paths), admire the exceptional viem of Pogoni from Nemertsika, especially from the places of Mpitsikopoulo and Prophet Elias.

The forest of Bouna is located near Delvinaki and offers beautiful routes because it is famous for its rich flora and fauna, like the valley of Gormos, which is nearby.

Other routes and trips in the region of Pogoni:

  • From Doliana to Lykoskos (view of Tymfi & Nemertsika)
  • Hiking in the forest of Meropi – Palaiopyrgos
  • From Agios Kosmas to Roupsia
  • From Oraiokastro to the springs of Gklava
  • Trekking in the valley of Kouvaras, in a marked path

Cycling and canoe in Vovos river

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Vovos river

You can do cycling and canoying in Vovos river which is located near the river delta of Arachthos river. At the same time you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the nature of Epirus, in an important reserve of the region.

Mountain bike in the prefecture of Ioannina

A path in Zagori

The prefecture of Ioannina is one of the most mountainous prefectures of the country. For this reason is offered for those who love mountain bike. The beautiful natural landscapes and the pictursque villages of the prefecture of Ioannina is a place for attraction for the lovers of mountain bike. One of the best route to take, is this between Mitsikeli mountain, the villages of Zagori, but also in the region of Katsanochoria.

Adventure sports in the region of Konitsa

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Kayak in Aoos river

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Crossing of the gorge of Aoos

In the region of Konitsa in Ioannina except for the natural landscape, the fans of the adventure sports will have the possibility to enjoy many of them. At the same time in the region of Konitsa every year take place sports events including adventure sports such as:

  • Paraschuting
  • Kayak
  • Mountain bike
  • Climbing
  • Rafting
  • River cross
  • Crossing of the gorge and many others

For information about the adventure activities, you can communicarte with the sports associations and clubs that there are in the region.

Canoe, Kayak, Rafting at Kalamas river

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Kalamas river

Kalamas river is one of the most famous river in Epirus. It is offered especially for those who wish to do water sports of adventure, such as Canoe, Kayak, Rafting, etc.

Suggested routes:

1. Vrosyna – Neraida: Difficulty degree 2+, Duration 4-5 hours
2. Neraida – Vrysela: Difficulty degree 2, Duration 3 hours
3. Vrysela – Dam of Kalamas: Difficulty degree 1, Duration 4 hours

Sailing club of Municipality of Igoumenitsa
17 Grigoriou Lampraki st.
Zip code 46100, IGOUMENITSA
Τel. +30 26650.22123, +30 26650.28370

Canoe, Kayak, Rafting at Aoos river

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Kayak at Aoos river

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Kayak at Aoos

Aoos river is one of the most famous destinations for those who love adventure sports. With a dificculty degree from 3 to 5 offers amazing experiences to its visitors. The beautiful gorge, its stone bridge at the region of Konitsa and its unique natural landscape make the route really amazing.

Every year take place sports events in the region, with the participation of many Greek athletes and from abroad. In Konitsa there are clubs that organise canoying at the river and you can be taught everything you need if you wish to take part in this kind of activities.

Canoe at Voidomatis river

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The stone bridge of Voidomatis river

From the new bridge of Voidomatis rivers as a staring point, which is near Aristi the δroute with canoe from Kleidonia to the old stone bridge near the village of Konitsa is really amazing. The clear blue water of the river amazes every visitor with its colour and justifies totally the characterisation of the clearest and the most beautiful river of Europe.

During the route of about 4 km. you will come accross the beautiful gorge of Voidomatis with none difficulty and you will enjoy the nature of the National Gorge of Vikos – Aoos.

Ski at the region of Metsovo

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From the ski centre “Karakoli”

At the picturesque Metsovo which is located at a distance of 55 km. from the city of Ioannina, at an altitude of 1.150 m. there are two organised ski centres: The first one is “Karakoli” and the other is at the location of “Prophet Elias“.

The ski centre “Karakoli” has two ski-slopes, it is located at an altitude of 1.350 – 1.520 m. and at a distance of 2 km. from the centre of Metsovo.

The ski centre of Prophet Elias is located at a distance of 5 km. from Metsovo, at the plateau of Politses, at the foothills of Mavrovounio. It has 4 ski-slopes at an altitude from 1.430 m. – 1620 m.

Tel. +30 26560.41345 & +30 26560.41095

Mountain trails in Thesprotia

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The region of Paramythia

One of the best mountain trails of Europe crosses the prefecture of Thesprotia. It is the European mountain trail E6 which crosses the prefecture and directs to Dodoni of the prefecture of Ioannina. It crosses along Igoumenitsa, Dramesi village and Paramythia.

Swimming at the prefecture of Preveza


Alonaki beach

Sarakiniko beach

In the prefecture of Preveza you can enjoy swimming in many beautiful beaches. Many of them are fully organised.

The most important of them are:

  • Kyani Akti
  • Pantokrator
  • Alonaki
  • Kalamitsi
  • Mytikas
  • Monolithi
  • Kanali
  • Kastrosykia
  • Lygia
  • Vrachos – Loutsa
  • Ammoudia
  • Ai Giannakis
  • Lichnos
  • Valtos
  • Sarakiniko

Swimming at the prefecture of Arta


The prefecture of Arta has many beautyiful beaches where you can enjoy swimming or other sea activities. The beaches are at a small distance from the city of Arta and easily accessible by car or local transportation.

  • In Menidi, at a distance of 20 km. from the city of Arta, at a nice sandy beach. There is transportation at a regular base from Arta.
  • In the beach of Koronisia, which is located very close to the city of Arta.
  • At Arachthos river and Aspropotamos river
  • At the artificial lake of Pournari

Sailing at the prefecture of Thesprotia

The seaside regions of the prefecture of Thesprotia are offered for doing sailing. You can use the port of Igoumenitsa, as a base for your sail trips where you can supply with oil and water.

From this place you can visit Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada and the nearby ports, such as one of Plataria, of Syvota, of Parga and Preveza. You can also enjoy the unique beaches of Epirus and the nearby island of Ionian Sea. At the port ofIgoumenitsa there are available sailing boats for rental (yacht).

Horse riding at the region of Metsovo

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Horse for riding

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Plateau of Politses

At the plateau of Politses, which is located neat to the ski centre of Prophet Elias and at a small distance from Metsovo, you will find trained horses for riding and experienced riders who will guide you at your firts steps.

There you will enjoy beautiful rides into a sub-alpine landscape, but also and the amazing view in the region. There are also very good routes from Metsovo to the artificial lake of Aoos (15 km.) and the village of Milia (25 km.)

Sports in Pamvotida Lake

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From the lake

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Water sports facilities

Pamvotida lake in Ioannina is ideal for sea ski because most of the time the winds in the region are favorable and the space that the ships move is limited at the area of the lake. So, you can enjoy your favourite sports doing long routes into the lake.

Related bodies:

Sea Ski Club of Ioannina
3 Acheronta st. KEKOP
Τel. +30 26510.71581


Rowing, Kanoe, Kayak
Pamvotida lake offers the idealest conditions for these sports. There are water sports facilities at Limnopoula, at the stadium of Ioannina Athletical Centre, 24 28th Merarchia st.


Ioannina Sailing Club
Τel. +30 26510.25265 and +30 26510.38060

Activities of adventure in Arachthos river

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Sports in Arachthos

The river Arachthos is one of the most famous destinations for those who love rafting and kayak. At the region of Agnanta the riverflow is very strong and offer ideal conditions for this kind of activities.

The route is Plaka’s bridge – Skoupa (distance 12 km. with a very hard part of third grade difficulty) and the best season for this is spring when the water is deeper, beacuse of the snow that melts on the mountains of Tzoumerka.

See more: The river Arachthos

Activities in Acheloos river

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Acheloos river

You can enjoy many activities of adventure in Acheloos river. The route is: Mesopyrgos – Vourviana bridge – (distance 10 km.)

Fishing at the region of Pogoni

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From the region

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Gormos river

The river Gormos which is located at the area of Ano Pogoni of the region Pogoniι offers ideal conditions for fishing. It is accessible from many paths, while you can enjoy its exceptional ecosystem.

Fishing at Ioannina city

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Fishing boats at the lake

At the region Ioannina city, you can do fishing at Pamvotida lake. The lake is rich of beauty and fish, so reasonably is place of attract for those who do fishing as a hobby. So, during the day you will see along the lakeside region many amateur fishermen.

Fishing at the prefecture of Arta

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Fishing at Amvrakikos

In the prefecture of Arta you can go fishing at thee rivers of the prefecture, the beaches and the artificial lake of Pournari.