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Αξιοθέατα, δραστηριότητες, ξενοδοχεία,
ξενώνες & ενοικιαζόμενα δωμάτια στην Ήπειρο.

The website epirusnet.eu

Τhe website www.epirusnet.eu is a web guide that shows the most important sights of Epirus on Internet. Moreover, on an online connection with the other tourist guides of our company, shows all the lodges of Epirus (hotels, rented rooms, guesthouses, camping). In addition, we present many relative pages with activities that you can enjoy in the region of Epirus.

The website www.epirusnet.eu has been created and is preserved by Alfastar Hellas, the oldest and the biggest Internet company in the northwest Greece.

Alfastar Hellas has created, in her long history, many other portals about Epirus, Ioannina, Zagori, Parga, but also for many other siginficant places of our region.

We would like to thank you about your visit to our guide, but also for your interest about Epirus. We would also be happy to accept your comments at our e-mail [email protected].