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Θέματα στην κατηγορία ‘Bulidings and monuments’

Madrassah of Vellis mosque

View of the madrassah

Close to the today’s Folk Art Museum was built the madrassah of Vellis mosque (it had also the name Tsikour – mosque) where there was the Islamic school for the turkish students for their theological and philosophical studies. It was smaller than the madrassah of Aslan mosque, but in the same style. Nowadays in its places is housed the museum of Ph. Rapakousis.

Fullings and watermills in Pogoni

Watermill – Fuling in Pogoni

From the inside of the watermill

At the villages Palaiopyrgos, Oraiokastro Doliana and Kalpaki, of Pogoni there are traditional watermills and fullings that have been characterised as presrved monuments.

They have been restored and everyone can visit them, so everyone can see a live part from the daily routine of the habitants of Pogoni.

The watermill and the fulling of the village Agios Kosmas have also been characterised as historically preserved monuments.

The mosque of Faik Passas

In the region of Arta at the road to Grammenitsa, at the location Marati, there is the magnificent turkish monument “Mosque of Faik Passas”. This mosque was bulit in the end of the 15th century by Faik Passas, the fisrt administator of Arta. From the many turkish mosques of the region of Arta, is the one which is the most wellpreserved today.

It was built on the ruins of the Church of St. Ioannis. The materials that there were used, were stolen by the monuments of Arta and Nicopoli. The external decoration has jagged walls. At this place Faik Passas was for 40 years imam of the mosque and after his death he was buried in its yard. The mosque was reconstructed on the 19th century. Nowadays at the place of the mosque there is a christina church of St. Ioannis the Russian. Despite the abandonment of the mosque still remains its majesty. The region owes its name (Marati), to a nearby orphanage which its turkish word is “imaret“.

Zosimaia Library of Ioannina

Zosimaia Library

Zosimaia Library of  Ioannina is housed in the building of the old baths at Republic Square. It has a great collection of local editions, old manuscripts, Alexander Palli’s books, as well as legacies of the byzantinologist Spiros Lampros.

At the place of the library also take place exhibitions. It has a reading room and is also a lending library. It has also a part with a large number of old publications and manuscripts which is a property of the Association of Research of Epirus. This hall is οpen every afternoon from 05:00 to 08:00.

City Hall of Ioannina

The city hall of Ioannina

At the place of the City Hall of Ioanina of today, there was the turkish headquarter of Ioannina which was burnt twice in 1928 and 1930. The National Bank of Greece built the today’s building in 1936 in a post-byzantine rhythm and with the help of the architector Zouboulidis. It was used until 1950 as a branch of the National Bank of Greece.

In 1960 the bank left the buliding and on the first floor stayed the kings whenever they visited the city, while in its ground floor there was Zosimaia Library. Nowadays the ground floor is used for exhibitions and other events and on the first fllor there is the City Hall of Ioannina.

Tel.: +30 26510 79921

Folk Art Museum of Metsovo

Statue of George Averof – Tositsas

The museum in housed in the imposing mansion of G. Averof – Tositas. It has a rich collection of weavings, weaving looms, local costumes, old icons, weapons, rural tools and many others which show the life in Metsovo of the last century, which nowadays is still preserved with respect.

Τηλ.: 26560 41084