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How to get

You can reach to the most important cities of Epirus by bus from the biggest greek cities.

You can get to Epirus by car through the following national roads:

  • From Aitoloakarnania, Peloponissos and Athens: Through the national road of Ioannina – Antirrio in Ioannina and Arta or alternatively, through the underwater tunnel of Aktio in Preveza and Igoumenitsa.
    [this road requires special attention, it is soon going to be interchaged by the highway of “Ionian Road”]
  • From Athens, though the national road of Athens – Lamia and then from the highway E75 through Domokos, Karditsa, Trikala to Ioannina.
  • From the Western & Central Macedonia and from Τhrace: Through Egantia Highway which crosses the whole Epirus from Metsovo and Ioannina and ends at the port of Igoumenitsa.
  • From Thessalia: Through the old national road of Trikala – Ioannina and then from the interchange of Panagia, through Egnatia Highway, just a little distance before Metsovo.

The region is served by the airports of Ioannina, Aktio and Corfu. Besides the regural scheduled air services from and to different cities of Greece and abroad, during the suumer there are many charter flights from abroad. For flight information please contact the local travel agencies.

For arrivals by boat: In the port of Preveza, telephone number of port authority +30 26820.22226 and in the port of Igoumenitsa, telephone number of port authority +30 26650.99400

For arrivals by boat: Through the port of Igoumenitsa the region of Thesprotia is connected to other ports of Greece (Corfu, Patra, etc.), but also to the ports of Italy for access from and to abroad. For more information about trips phone to the number +30 26650.23094 to the port authority, or contact the local travel agencies.

The road network, through which are served all the villages and the residences of the region, is good enough, despite its difficulty for the drivers with many turns because of the morphology of the ground. For those who do not own a vehicle, there are many scheduled trips by the local transportation and by bus, inside our outside the cities correspondingly.