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Climbing – Trekking in Pogoni

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Nemertsika mountain

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The forest of Bouna

The mountain of Nemertsika is located at the north of Pogoni, at the borders with Albania. Its altitude is at 2.209 m. and is one of the highesr mountains of the prefecture of Ioannina. It offers ideal conditions for climbing to the experienced climbers through beautiful routes into green pure forests.

As starting point the village of Meropi, Kefalovryso or Palaiopyrgos you can follow routes of 3 or 4 hours (there are no marked paths), admire the exceptional viem of Pogoni from Nemertsika, especially from the places of Mpitsikopoulo and Prophet Elias.

The forest of Bouna is located near Delvinaki and offers beautiful routes because it is famous for its rich flora and fauna, like the valley of Gormos, which is nearby.

Other routes and trips in the region of Pogoni:

  • From Doliana to Lykoskos (view of Tymfi & Nemertsika)
  • Hiking in the forest of Meropi – Palaiopyrgos
  • From Agios Kosmas to Roupsia
  • From Oraiokastro to the springs of Gklava
  • Trekking in the valley of Kouvaras, in a marked path