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Water sports in the prefecture of Preveza

Jet skiing at Parga



Kanali beach

The prefecture of Preveza with its endless beaches is the ideal destination for those who love water sports. In Preveza you will find any beach that satisfies you more to do these activities:

  • Jet – skiing: At Lichnos beach
  • Sea skiing: At the beaches of Lichnos, Valtos, Kastrosykia, Vrachos
  • Surfing: At the beaches of Lichnos, Valtos, Kastrosykia, Kanali
  • Parasailing: At the beaches of Lichnos, Valtos
  • Diving: At Pantokratorsa beach, at the west of Kelidi cape, around the castle of Parga, at the islet of Agios Nikolaos in Parga, at an ilset near the island of Virgin Mary, at Lygia, at Katrosykia and in every beach of the prefecture.
  • Beach volley: At the beaches of Vachos, Ammoudia, Kanali, Kastrosykia, Monolithi
  • Water games: At the beaches of Valtos, Ammoudia, Kastrosykia, Lichnos and at Parga beach