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Zagorochoria – Villages in the western Zagori


Natural pools of Rogovos in Mikro Papigo

Bridge of Aristi in Voidomatis

Papigo is one the most beautiful villages of the western Zagori and is located at a distance of 62 km. from Ioannina. It is built at an altitude of 980 metres at the foothill of Astraka. The village is built from the 14th century and has two residences, Mikro Papigo and Megalo Papigo.

Many benefactors donated the region with buildings, mansions, churches, schools, etc. The buildings are stoned and based on the traditional architecture of Zagori. This fact gives to the village a special traditional colour. Stone streets and paths that lead to monasteries and churches, to the springs of Voidomatis, to fountains and faucets, to the natural swimming pools of Rogovos and the lodge of the Trekking Club of Astraka.

Papigo is characterised the last years as a traditional villages and has many tourists and trippers every year. In the village there is and excellent substructure with many hotels and guesthouses that preserve the traditional colour and the architecture of Zagori. It is considered as one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Greece.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In Megalo Papigo: Astraka, Church of St. Vlasios with a hexagonal belltower of the 1852, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 18th century, church of St. George of the 18th century, old mansions
  • In Mikro Papigo: Astraka, Church of St. Taxiarches of the 19th century, Rogovos ovire (natural swimming pools), mountainous shelter in Astraka at an altitude of 1950 metres, Drakolimni at an altitude of 2200 metres.
  • In Vikos: Church of St. Tryfonas of the 1871 with a significant iconostasis, monastery of Virgin Mary of the 1738 into the gorge of Vikos with beautiful icons
  • In Aristi: Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1718 with a big belltower, monastery of Virgin Mary of Spiliotissa of the 1579 on a rock in Voidomatis river, old faucet, bridge of Voidomatis
  • In Agios Minas: Bridge of Voidomatis in Kleidonia, Church of Evagelistria of the 1576