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Zagorochoria – Villages in the eastern Zagori


Church of St. Nicolas in Flabourari

Bridge of Tsipiani

One of the most representative villages of Eastern Zagori is Greveniti which is located at a distance of 44 km. from Ioannina and is built at an altitude of 980 m. It has a great view, it is plenty of nature and flow water.

Many habitants were killed by the Germans during the Second World War and in honour of them there is a marbled column with their names at the entrance of the village. The habitants that today live permanently in the village occupy mostly with the animal breeding, logging and beekeeping.

The visitor can find in Greveniti a medical centre, shops and guesthouse. The last few years there is a big number of tourists that visit the village.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In Greveniti: Monastery of Voutsa, traditional faucets, bridge of Tsipiani of the 1875, monumet of the massacre of the habitants
  • In Doliani: Bridge of Delgina, rocks of Kouri
  • In Tristeno: Watermill
  • In Miliotades: Bridge of Kaber Aga
  • In Vovousa: Bridge of Aoos, national gorge of Valia Calda
  • In Flabourari: Church of St. Nicolas