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Zagorochoria – Central Zagori – Villages near Tsepelovo

Vikos gorge from the location of Beloi


Tsepelovo is located at a distance of 51 km. from Ioannina and is built at an altitude of 1.080 m. It is famous from the 16th century and here opened the fisrt school in 1700. In 1868 was the capital city of the Ottoman administration in Zagori. By the donation of benefactors were built buildings, schools, mansions and fountains. The village accepts a big number of visitors every year and has an excellent substructure of guesthouses and restaurants for the visitors’ service.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In Tsepelovo: Old mansions of Papazoglos – Tsavalias 0 Bazimas, church of St. Nicolas of the 1708, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary, church of Kato Panagia, monastery of St. Ioannis the Baptist of Rogovos of the 1749
  • In Skamneli: Monastery of St. Nicolas from the 1863, moastery of St. Paraskevi from the 1697, church of the Apostoles from the 1793, old mansions of Theodosis – Fragkoulis etc, traditional faucets, walls from the colony of Pelasgoi, fold of the Vlachs in Gyftokampos
  • In Laista: Church of Taxiarches of the 1778, monastery of the Holy Trinity at the location of Kleftis
  • In Iliochori: Monastery of Dobrinovo from the 14th century with a significant iconostasis, church of St. Nicolas of the 1850, stone bridges
  • In Vrysochori: Church of St. Charalampos of the 1819, monastery of the Holy Trinity of the 17th century, traditional faucets and stone bridges
  • In Vradeto: Location of Beloi (Vikos gorge), stone stairs of Vradeto, church of the Birth of Virgin Mary of the 1799
  • In Kapesovo: Church of St. Nicolas of the 1793, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 18th century, folk art musuem, Paschaleios School, where there is the Charter of Rigas Feraios