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Zagorochoria – Central Zagori – Monodendri


Stone towers at the location of Oksia of Monodendri

Monodendri is one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, built at an altitude of 1060 m. at a distance of 39 km. from Ioannina. Its name came up from a big fir that there was in the village until 1840, Until 1753 it was a community separated in three unities (Vitsa, Ano Machalas, Agios Georgios).

The viallge developed very much during the 17th and the 18th century, where the benefactors filled it with mansions, churches and schools. From Monodendri come from the benefactors Rizaris brothers. It is about a viallge that gathers the majority of the visitors in the whole Zagori and has many significant guesthouses and restaurants.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In Monodendri: Stone mansions, church of St. AThanasios of the 1801, church of St. Minas of the 1620, church of St. George of the 18th century, monastery of St. Paraskevi of the 1413, stone towers at the location of Oksia, Vikos gorge, archaeological site at the location Genitsari, sights of Rizaris foundation
  • In Ano Pedina: Church of St. Paraskevi of the 16th century, monastery of Evagelistria of the 1793, church of St. Dimitrios of the 1793
  • In Kato Pedina: Church of St. Athanasios of the 18th century, church of Taxiarches of the 1591, ancinet graves from the 11th century
  • In Vitsa: Church of Prohet Elias of the 17th century, church of St. Nicolas, church of Virgin Mary, chruch of Taxiarches of the 17th century
  • In Dipotamos: Stone bridges, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1872
  • In Kalota: Church of the Birth of Virgin Mary, monastery of Visokos of the 1114, old masions
  • In Manassi: Church of St. George of the 1780
  • In Dikorfo: Beautiful square, old mansions, church of St. Minas of the 1170, monastery of Stoupaina from 1440
  • In Elati: Old mansions, church of St. George of the 1806, faucets, stone bridge
  • In Aspraggeloi: Beautiful houses, belltower of the 1915, old monastery of Dovra from 1600, walls of the old residence