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Zagorochoria – Central Zagori – Kipoi


Stone towers at the gorge of Vikos in Kipoi

The village of Kipoi in Zagori is a famous residence from the 1431. It is about the former capotal city of Zagori with significant buildings and bridges. The village is located at a distance of 38 km. from Ioannina, the capital city of the prefecture and is built at an altitude of 800 metres. It worths visiting it.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In Fragades: Watermill of Valeka, stone bridge of Petsioti, church of St. Dimitrios of the 1779, church of St. Nicolas of the 17th century, monastery of Virgin Mary, traditional faucets and stone paths
  • In Negades: Church of triune of the 1779 with famous icons and gilded iconostastis
  • In Koukouli: Old mansions of Kokkoris and Plakidas, traditional faucets of Basias and Manthos, old school, folk art museum of Lazaridis, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1788
  • In Dilofo: Old mansions, school of Anagnostopoulos of the 1855
  • In Kipoi: Monastry of Bagia of the 1841, church of St. Nicolas of the 1779, church of St. Paraskevi, folk art museum of A. Tolis, bridge of Kokkoris of the 1750, bridge of Plakidas (Kalogeriko) of the 1748, bridge of Kontodimos – Lazaridis, bridge of Petsonis, bridge of Ntovris, bridge of Merissios