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The bridge in the village

Vovousa the last millenium included five settlemements, Agios Dimitrios, Baitani, Plaka, Agia Paraskevi and Tsiaka which were merged into one. It is a settlement that is located on the bounds of the region of the central part of the National Gorge of Pindos. The village developed a lot when Zagori won its autonomy, during the Ottoman period. During the cencus of 1871 Vovousa had about 2500 habitants.

Later because of the insecurity from the invasions of the Albans, many families had emigrated and from 1824 to 1831 the region had no habitants. The region was inhabited agai after its liberation (1913). In 1943 it was destroyed by the Germans and only the church of St. George was saved. Nowadays, its habitants occupy mostly with logging and stock – farming.

The two settlements of the village are connected with the arch stone bridge which was built in 1748 by Alexis Misios and is one of the most beautiful that there are in the region.

From the sights of the region:

  • Church of St. George of Vovousa (1814)
  • The bridge of Vovousa (1748)