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Vourgareli or Drosopigi


Byzantine red church

Spring of Leptokaria

Vourgareli (Drosopigi), is located at the historical state of Athamanoi, into a beautiful forest with plenty water. It is a mountainous village, located at a distance of 60 km. northeast to Arta and is built at an altitude of 800 metres, on the mountain of Tzoumerka. It has also the name Drosopigi.

The houses of the village are traditionally stone-builtt, but also modern. Every summer the village has many tourists, because it is a significant tourist resort and has very good tourist infrastructure.

The habitants are hospitable, with a long history to the battles of our nation and to religious tradition. Near the village, at the location of Palaiochori of Vourgareli, there is the Red Church (church of Virgin Mary of Vella) of the 13th century. The church was built in 1281 by the emperor Nikiforos A’ and is an excellent sample of the byzantine architecture.

There is also the historical byzantine monastery of St. George which is one of the most important sights of Tzoumerka. In this monastery there are wall paintings from the 1714. Here waved the flag of the revolution of the 1821 from the leaders of the region.

Sights in the village & the around area:

  • Fountain of “Archonto”
  • Byzantine red church
  • Monastery of St. George
  • Traditional settlement of Selio
  • Spring of Leptokaria
  • The two arch bridges