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Villags in the region of Lakka Souli

Monastery of Virgin Mary in Sistrouni

The region of Lakka Souli includes many interesting villages of the prefecture of Ioannina. One of the most famous monuments of the region is the Ancient Theatre of Dodoni with a history of centuries, from the ancient time till nowadays. Except for the ancient theatre, there are also many other monuments, post – byzantine and modern.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In Manteio: Ancient Dodoni
  • In Meligi: Folk Art Museum [www.epirus.com/meligi]
  • In Kostaniani: Church of St. Taxiarches, of important archaeological value of the 1057
  • In Dragopsa: Church of St. Nicolas of the 1820
  • In Poligiros: Folk Art Musuem, Church of St. Kiriaki
  • In Psina: Church of Virgin Mary of the 1880
  • In Tyria: Stone built bridge
  • In Derviziana: Monastery of St. Dimitrios of the 1664, Monastery of Messiana of the 1764
  • In Romano: Monastery of the Metamorphosis of Christ of the 1113
  • In Sistrouni: Monastery of Virgin Mary of the 1156 full of significant wall paintings, watermill at the springs of Acheron river
  • In Serziana: Gates of Ades
  • In Achladea: Monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1743
  • In Palaiochori Botsari: House of the family of Botsaris, a very old church of St. Ioannis
  • In Pentolakos: Church of St. Theodoroi of the 1800
  • In Variades: Church of Virgin Mary of the 1750
  • In Dramesioi: Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1664 with beautiful icons and undreground school from the era of 1821