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Villages in the region of Zitsa


Grave of the aviator Sakelaris

Monastery of Paliouri

Icons in the monastery of Paliouri

Zitsa is built onto a ridge at an altitude of 670 m. and is located at a distance of 24 km. from Ioannina. It is famous for its amazing vineries and its wines (designation of origin). It is the historical seat of the homonymous municipality. In 1809 Lord Byron visited it.


Sights in the other villages of the region:

  • In Klimatia: Church of St. Dimitrios of 1516, Chruch of Dormition of Virgin Mary of 1546, Chrurch of Metamorphosis of Christ of 1568, Chruch of the Holy Trinity of 1754, waterfall of Klimatia
  • In Paliouri: The historical monastery of the Birth of Virgin Mary, built by the Despot of Epirus, Thomas Preloumpos in 1373, watermill
  • In Soulopoulo: The House of Christos Christovasilis Χρηστοβασίλη
  • In Raiko: Church of St. Nicolas with wall paintings from the 14th century, monastery of Virgin Mary in Kastri
  • In Vasilopoulo: Bridge of Gousdani of the 1300
  • In Karitsa: Monastery of St. Nicolas of the 16th century
  • In Vereniki: An ancient castle
  • In Giourganista: Founds of the temple of Apollon. Giourganista was the home of Samouil, the monk who was exploded at the holocaust of Kougki
  • In Kourenta: Church of St. George
  • In Dichouni: Monastery of Dichouni, where in 1611 Dionysious the Philosopher started his revolution in 1611 against the Ottomans