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Villages in the region of Zalogo – Preveza

The castle of Pantokratoras

Monument of Zalogo

The region of Zalogo – Preveza, beyond its long history, it offers also many interesting sights to its visitor.

The most important of them are:

  • In Agios Thomas: Monastery of St. Apostoles of 1794, Ixthyoskala
  • In Pantokratoras: Castle of Pantokratoras
  • In Mytikas: A magnificent beach
  • In Michalitsi: Roman Grave
  • In Archaggelos: Ruins of a roman aqueduct, and a monument from the era of Second World War and the Civil War
  • In Kanali: Seat of the Municipality of Zalogo, a beautiful beach
  • In Nea Sampsounta: Kozyli Monastery (Dormition of Virgin Mary) of 774 A.D. –  Only the temple
  • In Kastrosykia: Monastery of St. Pelagia of 1613 (renovated and and manned)
  • In Kamarina – Zalogo: Archaeological site of Kassopi (Ileioi’s colony)
  • Monument of Zalogo: Here in the location of Stefani above the monastery of St. Dimitrios fell from the rock 63 women of Souli with children hunted by the Turks, in 1803. You can visit the monument by hiking from Kamarina.
  • In Myrsini: Church of St. Nicolas (the entrance only is saved), Monastery of Lekatsa
  • In Riza: The castle of Riniasa of the 13th century that was built by Thomas, Despot of Epirus