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Villages in the region of Tzoumerka – Katsanochoria

The village of Ktistades




This region is located at the south east part of the prefecture of Ioannina. It is characterised by the landscape changes but also by the high and snow covered mountains, the “proud Tzoumerka”, like is mentioned the region by the folk tradition. At this area also is located the region of Katsanochoria.

Sights in the region:

  • In Chouliarades: Church of St. Paraskevi, stone buildings, the gorge of Arachthos and Kalarrytikos, the bridge of Tsibovo in Arachthos river, suspension bridge of Gkogkos
  • In Michalitsi: Church of St. Pantes of the 1836, church of St. Nicolaos with stone candelabrums
  • In Prosilio: Chuch of St. Vlasios of the 1875
  • In Palaiochori: Church of the Birth of Virgin Mary
  • In Petrovouni: Church of St. Ioannis the Baptist, church of St. Taxiarches
  • In Kalarrytes: Church of St. Nicolaos, monastery of Kipina
  • In Syrrako: Church of St. Nicolas with beautiful icons and brocade epitaph, Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 19th century, Church of St. George of the 1817, Church of the Metamorphosis of Christ, Monastery of Prophet Elias of the 19th century, Church of the Apostoles at the top of Priza, house – musuem of Avdikos etc.
  • In Fortosi: Stone bridge of Politsa, Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary, which is a sample of the Byzantine church architecture
  • In Kalentzi: Waterfalls of Klifki, archaeological site of Kastri
  • In Plaisia: Church of St. Ioannis the Baptist, old church of Virgin Mary, hometown of Zan Moreas
  • In Monolithi: The historical bridge of Plaka
  • In Pramanta: Church of St. Paraskevi of the 1876, cave of Anemotrypa, monastery of Kipina and bridge of Kipina
  • In Matsouki: Monastery of Vyliza with icons of the 17th century
  • In Platanousa: Monastery of Psiadi of the 1804 with wooden gilt iconostasis
  • In Mousiotitsa: Monument of the massacre by the Germans
  • In Terovo: War museum of Emin Aga with statues of the 1912 – 1913

Except for the villages of the region of Tzoumerka that are mentioned above and are located at the prefecture of Ioannina, there is also a part of the region of Tzoumerka that belongs administratively to the prefecture of Arta. Please see more about these villages of Tzoumerka at: www.tzoumerka.info