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Villages in the region of Konitsa

Museum of Stone builders in Pirsogianni

Monastery of Stomio in Aoos

Fullings in Bourazani

In the region of Konitsa except for the homonymous town, there also many important villages. In many of them there are interesting sights, of all kinds: Monuments, buildings, museums, traditional bridges, monasteries and churches, etc. The region is also famous about its mountains and forests.

Sights in the villages of the region of Konitsa:

  • In Pirsogianni: Museum of stone builders, church museum of St. Nicolas
  • In Molista Ganadio: The famous monastery of Molista, Spiridonia School
  • In Kleidonia: Voidomatis Bridge, Rockshelter of Boila, the monasteries at the old village of Kleidonia: monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1620, monastery of the Apostoles of the 1662 and monastery of the metamorphosis of Christ (7th A.D. century) of the Emperos K. Pogonatos
  • In Mazi: Folk Art Museum
  • In Bourazani: Park of Wild Life and watermill
  • In Aidonochori: Byzantine Monastery of St. Taxiarches of Gkoura, folk art museum
  • In Molivdoskepasto: Monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 7th century, church of the Apostoles of the 1298
  • In Distrato: Prophet Elias, Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 19th century, Watermill
  • In Fourka: Folk Art Museum. monument of the heroes Diavakis and Diakos at the location of Prophet Elias, Monastery of Kladormi of the 1747 at a distance of 7 km. in the forest
  • In Piksaria – Amarantos: Thermal springs
  • In Nikanora: Church of St. Nikanoras, built on a rock with beautiful wallpaintings
  • In Plagia: Stone bridge of Zerma, monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1656 with five domes
  • In Kastanea: Church of St. Dimitrios of the 18th century, school of St. Kosmas of the 1778
  • In Kavasila: Thermal springs, isolated monastery of Virgin Mary of the 1818
  • In Vourbiani: Church of the Dormition of Virgin with an icon of St. George of the 1747
  • In the gorge of Aoos: The monastery of Stomio