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Villages in the region of Anogeio

Roman aqueduct in Agios Georgios

Ancient site of Orraon

The Ottoman Command Post in Pente Pigadia

The village of Gorgomylos is located at the region of Anogeio, at the northeast part of the prefecture of Preveza and is the seat of the Municipality of Anogeio. It is a village of farmers and shepherds, one of the most charactesitic villages of the region.

Sights in the village:

  • Post – byzantine churches with beautiful mural: St. Apostoles, Virgin Mary, Taxiarches and St. Dimitrios
  • Ancient site of Orraon: It is located at the region of Gorgomylos. It is an archaelogical residence of Molossoi dated back to the 5th century B.C.

Throughout the whole region there are post – byzantine churches with significant wall paintings.

Sights in the wider region:

  • In Agios Georgios: Cave of Asprochaliko where there were found stone tools and animal bones of the middle paleolithic time. Near the villages there are the ruins of the Roman aqueduct that supplied with water ancient Nikopolis. There is also a hydroelectric dam.
  • In Pente Pigadia: Ruins of fotress (Ottoman headquarter during the war), monument of the massacred during the Second World War
  • In Kerasonas: Monastery of Faneromeni