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Villages in the basin of Ioannina

Monastery of Dourachani

In the region of the basin of Ioannina there are many significant villages. These villages have many sights and monuments to show to every visitor. The little distance taken for granted from the city of Ioannina, the capital city of Epirus, these villages are an excellent destination of trips for the visitors of the city.

Sights in the villages of the region:

  • In the Island of Ioannina: The seven significant monasteries: Monastery of St. Nicolas Filanthropinoi, monastery of St. Panteleimon, monastery of Dilios, monastery of Eleousa of Gkioumata of the 13th century, monastery of the Metamorphosis of Christ of the 17th century, monastery of St. Ioannis the Baptist from 1506. An important sight is the Historical museum of the Island
  • In Elliniko: Monastery of Tsouka
  • In Logades: Church of th Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 17th century, Monastery of the Birth of Virgin Mary of Dourachani. The monastery was built in 1434 by Dourachan Pasa because he passed with his army over the frozen lake and he believed that it was a miracle.
  • In Kastritsa: Paleolithic cave of Kastritsa, ancient city of Tekmon (city of Molossoi), monastery of St. Ioannis the Baptist of Kastritsa from the 17th century
  • In Megalo Gardiki: Ancient city of Passarona (the capital city of Molossoi), post – byzantine church of Virgin Mary at the location of Eikonismata
  • In Grammeno: Ruins of an ancient temple at the location of Kastri, old church of St. Taxiarches, a ruined monastery of Virgin Mary of Labrovitria, houses of many national benefactors and scholars (Zosimades, Kaplanis, etc.)
  • In Vageniti: Byzantine church of St. George of the 16th century
  • In Vounoplagia: Byzantine church of Virgin Mary of Faneromeni, post – byzantine church of St. Dimitrios
  • In Zoodochos: Post – byzantine chruch of Zoodochos Pigi
  • In Eleousa: Monastery of St. George of the 17th century, church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary with beautiful wall paintings
  • In Rodotopi: Temple of Zeus, post – byzantine church of the 17th century with a beautiful belltower, folk art museum and an old school.
  • In Kato Lapsista: Church of St. George of the 15th century with rare wall paintings
  • In Petralona: Archaeological site of paleolithic ruins
  • In Mpizani: Museum of Greek History of Pavlos Vrellis [www.vrellis.org], fortress of Mpizani of 1912
  • In Perama: Cave of Perama with impressive stalaktytes and stalagmytes
  • In Ligiades: Monastery of St. George of the 1681
  • In Amfithea: Monastery of St. Anargyroi of the 1848 where there were gravd 17 women from Ioannina along with Kyra Frosini, all drawned by Ali Passa
  • In Vasiliki: Monastery of St. Nicolas of Tzioras of the 17th century
  • In Krapsi: Church of St. Nicolas of the 1563 with beautiful icons, monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 11th century
  • In Platania: Church of Jesus Christ of the 17th century
  • In Iliokali: Monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 17th century with beautiful icons, located on the mountain of Driskos
  • In Katsikas: Church of St. Taxiarches of the 15th century