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Vikos gorge

Vikos gorge from the location of Beloi

The bridge of Kokkoris in Vikos gorge

The gorge of Vikos is one of the most important sights of Zagori and the prefecture of Ioannina generally. It is considered as one of the best canyons in the world and definitely one of the best of Europe.

Geographically the gorge of Vikos belongs to the region of Zagori and extends among the villages of Tsepelovo and Kleidonia, from central Zagori to just before Konitsa. Close to the gorge, there also the villages: Kapesovo, Koukouli, Kipoi, Vradeto, Monodendri, Aristi, etc.

The gorge of Vikos is totally 12 kilometres long and inside it flows the river of Voidomatis. The maximum altitude of the gorge is 1100 metres, while its average width is about 200 metres. In the narrowest part of the gorge the width is only just 2 metres.

In its middle the gorge meets another one big gorge of the region, Megas Lakos, which starts from the mount of Tymfi and ends at the gorge of Vikos,

The region has very important flora and fauna. The flora of the region includes rare herbs, many of them for medical purposes. In the region also grow 5 unique kinds of plants, which you can find nowhere else in the world.

The fauna includes many and rare species (for example species of blackbirds, thrushes, species of eagles, etc.). Moreover, the region is a shelter for many other species of animals such as wild boars, wild goats, roe deer, wild cats, bears, etc. For this reason, since 1973 the region has been characterised as a National Park and is protected. The region of the gorge is the core of the National Park of Aoos.

You can enjoy the view of the gorge from the villages of Monodendri (at the location of Oksia), near Vradeto (at the location of Beloi) and from the village of Vikos. The view of the gorge from this points is literally fantastic and makes every visitor admire the majesty of the wild beauty of nature of Epirus.

The visitor can also go down the gorge, from many villages of Zagori and enjoy the route at the marked paths which cross the region. The crossing of the whole canyon lasts about 6 hours and offers to the visitor the chance to see better the flora and the fauna of the region.