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Trips to Metsovo region

The artificial lake of Aoos springs

A trip to the artificial lake of Aoos springs:
The artificial lake of Aoos was created along with the hydroelectric dam in 1987. It is located very close Metsovo in the plateau of Politsa, On the foothills of Mavrovounio at an altitude of 1350 m. You can make the lake round by car or by με mountain bike (30 km. totally), fish or see the rich flora and fauna of the lake as it has been evolved to an important ecosystem.

Other activities:

  • Skiing to the ski centres of the area «Karakoli» and «Prophet Elias»
  • Horse riding and rides with the horses in the plateau of Politses, in a landscape of admirable natural beauty
  • Trekking and hiking in the paths to the National Park Valia Calda or to Mavrovounio mountian lodge
  • Mountain trails by 4×4 car or by motorbike