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The wetland of Amvrakikos bay

The wetland at the river delta of Arachthos

Amvrakikos bay is an important wetland, of worldwide intesrest. It is protected by the international treaty Ramsar and with the help of various programmes, such as Life, have become many efforts for its development. The wetland extends between estuary of Louros and Arachthos.

This place is covered by reeds, laggons, swaps and islets. It is about a huge shelter for aquatic and predatory birds. It is a migrative station for 250 species of birds of a total population about 150.000, but also for other animals.

From the species that find a shelter here are: dalmatian pelecans, fudge ducks, bottle-nosed dolphins, sea turtles, eels, foxes, ferrets, etc.

Amvrakikos bay was a place of great importance because was the connecticg link of the ancient towns of Amvrakia and Nikopolis to the coasts of the rest Greece, Italy, Sicily and North Africa.

Nowadays Amvrakikos bay is very important to the cities of Arta and Preveza. You can visit the wetland of Amvrakikos, during the suumer period, by boat from Preveza, by canoeing at the river of Vovos and by bicycle. You can also visit the wetland by car: Arta – Koronisia 25 km.

Structures and information centres for the wetland of Amvrakikos bay:

  • Offices of ET.AN.AM. (Tel. +30 26820.77115)
  • Information centre of Kopraina, where there is also a museum of natural history (with fishing boats, tools, boats, fishing nets, etc.), a library, an exhibition hall, as well as a guesthouse (Tel. +30 26810.69683).
  • Research centre of Salaora, where it is directly reported the life of birds in Tsoukalio (Tel. +30 26810.74772).
  • Museum of Fauna in Neochori
  • Observatory of wetland at the Lighthouse of Kopraina with telescopes and binoculars (here there is also the museum of Lighthouses).