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The valley in Gormos river

From the valley of Gormos

From Gormos river

The river of Gormos flows in the region of eastern Pogoni. It has been characterised as a “region of natural beauty” and protected by the net of “Natura 2000”. In the region there are beautiful forests where you can easily cross.

The valley of Gormos has also an archaeological interest, because in the region have been found many archaeological locations. The whole valley has been characterised by the Ministry of Culture as an archaeological place and many attempts have done for the development of the region.

At the location of Anemomylos near the village of Meropi, at the southwest part of the valley, have been found an important settlement and tombs which date back from the 11th. century B.C. to the 4th century B.C.. At the same place there were also found important findings that are exposed at the Archaeological museum of Ioannina. In Palaiopyrgos, at the location of Gklava, in Kato Meropi, in Vasiliko and in Oraiokastro have also been found archaeological sites.