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The cave of Asprochaliko

The cave

At the 5oth km. of the national road of Ioannina – Athens in the gorge of Louros river there is the cave of Asprochaliko. The cave was excavated and were found bones and other objects of the stone age. There were found 3 levels (during the excavations of 1964 – 1965) with numerous tools of paleolithic era (40.000 – 12.000 B.C.), stone blades, etc., as well as animal bones (of rhinocerus, bear, etc.).

With these findings is proved that the human presence in Epirus dates back to 40.000 B.C., in the middle paleolithic age. It is about the glacier age when the man lived by hunting and stayed in caves to protect himself from the cold. This period ends up in 6.000 B.C.

The cave of Asprochaliko is one of the most important paleolithic caves of Europe.