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The beaches of Parga

Parga, view of the town

Valtos beach in Parga

Parga is definitely a place of attraction for thousands of tourists every summer, not only for its natural beauty, but also for its beautiful beaches. You can enjoy swimming at their calm and warm water, but also do your favourite sea sports or water games.

Most of the πbeaches offer all the comforts and have all the conveniences for jet – skiing, sea ski, windsurfing, kitesurfing, divings (very inetresting it is the diving around the castle of Parga and the islet of Agios Nicolaos) and many other water games.

In the region of Parga, there are also many beaches that are approachable from the sea, by boat.

The best beaches are:

  • Ai Giannakis
  • Lichnos
  • Valtos
  • Sarakiniko
  • Kryoneri
  • Piso Kryoneri