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The archaeological site of Titani

View of the site of Titani

Titani is located at the middle of the route of Igoumenitsa – Sagiada, close to the dam of Kalamas where the river of Kalamiotikos meets Kalamas river, at the slope of the mountain of Vrysella. It is about the biggest ancient settlement with walls of the other 45 of Thesprotia, and in the past was the capital city of the federal state of “the coommon of Thesprotoi” and a big political centre after the year of 330 B.C.

The perimeter of the walls, 2.400 metres, surrounds a settlement of big extension. On the 4th century B.C. the place developed a lot and was the centre of King Pyrros.

It is about Titana, which Polivius mentions (it was found a relative resolution). The city was destroyed by the Romans in 167 B.C. with other many cities of Epirus of that era.

Outside its walls it was revealed a looted graveyard and at a distance of 2 km. from it another one. On its ruins are distinguished: a market, two temples, public buildings, theatre, galleries, houses, stages and ruins of a library and public baths.