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The archaeological site of Elea

Walls of ancient Elea

It is about one of the most important arcaheological sites of Thesprotia. The cittadel of Velliani is on the slopes of Korila mount, eastern to the village of Chrysavgi as it is its name today (old Velliani) of Paramythia. Here there are ruinis of an ancient castle and ruins of Elea.

Its wall with a perimetre of 1.550 metres, it was of excellent construction with an altitude of 6 – 7 metres and width 3,5 m.. Only few parts of the wall of the gate at the east side have been saved.

In the inside of cittadel you can see the ruins of bulidings, the ancient market and a stone theatre of 3.000 – 4.000 seats, which prove that it was a cultural centre during the 4th century B.C. in its big development period, when it was the seat of the federal state “Common of Thesprotoi“, until 330 B.C.

After the year of 330 B.C. the cultural centre was transfered to Titani. Many excavation have been done in 1985 and there were found prehistorical trails of settlements. The ancient Elea had under its jurisdiction the Necromancy of Acheron. It had also the port of Ammouda (Splantza).