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The ancient town of Tekmon

The hill of Kastritsa

The king Tharipas built this town, by gathering population from the prehistoric settlements of the basin of Ioannina. It was located on the hill of Kastritsa, at the south side of the lake of Ioannina. During the years 425 – 400 B.C. the town was protected by walls.

On the top there are ruins of the Molossian acropolis (a polygonal buliding). The town had a great strength, but in 167 B.C. was conquered by the Romans despite its heroic resistance not to surrender.

Before the fall of the town, the leader of the defended (Kefalos) was defeated heroic and was killed, rejecting the desicion for the fall of the town.

The town was finally abandoned on the 5th century A.D. when Ioustinianos bulit the town of Nea Evroia and its castle (Ioannina of today).