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The ancient settlement of Molossoi in Vitsa

The ancient settlement

Between the village of Vitsa in Zagori and Monodendri, it was found in 1965 an ancient village of Molossoi (settlement), that dates back to the 9th and 4th century B.C. The research finished in 1975. It is about a settlement of shepherds.

At the north graveyard there were found 26 graves of the 8th – 4th century B.C., and at the south graveyard 151 graves of the 9th – 4th century B.C. The gifts on the graves were weapons, swords, knives and spearheads on the men’s graves, while on the women’s graves there were found jewels, necklaces, rings, etc.

In all tombs also there were βfound ancient pots from Korithos and Athens from the 6th – 4th century B.C. and copper utensils.

Findings from the palce are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina.