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Syvota of Thesprotia


Port of Syvota

Syvota of Thesprotia is a picturesque village on the coasts of Ionian Sea. It is located just half an hour from Igoumenitsa (capital city of the prefecture of Thesprotia where it belongs) and is the most famous resort of the region.

Syvota is built in a magnificent landscape: green hills around a majestic gulf, little isalnds that remind the norwegia fjords, crystal clear waters and clean beaches justify absolutely the fact that Syvota is place of attractions for thousands of tourists every year from Greece and abroad.

Syvota is known from the ancient times, as the historical research connects the little islands at the gulf of Syvota with those that Thucydides refers calls as “Syvota islands“, between of them took place in 433 B.C. a battleship between Korinthiois and the habitants of Corfu during the Peloponessian War.

Syvota from a rural village that is was till recently, has become the last few years an important summer resort. The beautiful beaches Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Bella Vraka etc., the fully organised harbour and the excellent tourist infrastructure attract many local and foreigh tourists.

Syvota offers many choices of entertainment to the visitors, such as diving, sailing, trips to Paxos, Parga and to the nearby villages. It is truly a gifted region by the nature that impresses every visitor.