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The headquarter

It is about a mountainous region that was the inaccessible fortress for the Turks during the revolution of 1821. In this place lived the warriors who showed discipline to their leaders, their confidence, their courage and their free spirit, the warriors who were praised by the folk music and songs.

The families of Tzavellas, Botsaris, Zervas, the monk Samouil: names connected to the fights against the Turks in legendary Souli.

Built between the mountains of Mourga, Zavrocho and Troulia was a shelter for people after the destruction by Romeo Aimilio Pavlos. At the beggining included only the villages of Souli, Avariko, Kiafa and Samoniva, known as Tetrachori.

Later it was renamed as Eptachori (on its big prime it led about 80 villages) and in the middle of the 18th century it had a population of 6.000 and 1.700 of them were armed.

It was the target of the Ottoman Empire and Ali Passia who conquered finally on December 15th in 1803, after long and many military campaigns and fights. It was conquered after the explosion of Kougki by the monk Samouil.

Sights in the region of Souli:

  • The ruined stone-built houses
  • The ancient wells
  • The castle of Kiafa, built by Ali Passia
  • The Headquarter
  • The legendary Kougki, with the church of St. Paraskevi (holocaust 15/12/1803 – monk Samouil)
  • The historical watermills of Souli
  • The Folk Art Museum
  • The church of St. Dimitrios in Tsagkari with a stone belltower
  • The church of St. Kiriaki, in Avlotopos
  • The bridge at the location of Dala of Acheron river

Events in the region:

Every year, the last Sunday of May take place in Souli events in the memory of its fighters, the sacrifice of the women on the mountains of Zalogo but also in honour of the explosion of Kougki.