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Dam in Kalamas


Sagiada is a beuatiful village of fishermen located at a distnce of 17 km. from Igoumenitsa and 38 km. from Filiates. In the past years, during the period of the Ottoman Empire it was the most important port of Epirus. In this region was located the French Consulate on the 17th century. In this port also took place the meeting between Napoleon the Great and Ali Passia. Near Sagiada there is the ruined village of Liopsi, an old setllement of Sagiada.

Sights in the region of Sagiada:

Other villages in the region of Filiates:

  • Foiniki [see also: Folk Arta Museum in Foiniki]
  • Lia of Filiates (hometown of the writer N. Gkatzogiannis)
  • Vavouri
  • Tsamantas [see also: Folk Art Musuem of Tsamantas and Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of Tsamantas]
  • Κεραμίτσα: Αναγνωρίστηκε ως «πρότυπο ανάπτυξης, προστασίας περιβάλλοντος και ποιότητας ζωής των κατοίκων», στις σαράντα πρώτες παγκόσμιες διακρίσεις στη διάσκεψη HABITAT II.