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Pedestrian walkway in Preveza

Port of Preveza

City hall of Preveza

Pedestrian walkway of Preveza

Preveza is located at the place of the ancient city of Vereniki, which was built by Pyrros, the king of Epirus, in 290 B.C. The name of Preveza appears for first time in the book “Timeline of Moreos” in 1292. It was created in the end of the 11th century after the desolation of Nikopolis. Throurghout its history has known many conquerors.

In 1490 it was conquered by the Venetians and in 1699 it was capitulated by the Turks.. In 1797 it was conqured by the French and one year after by Ali Passia of Ioannina. It was liberated on October 21st in 1912 and merged into the Greek state.

The city is built on the edge of Amvrakikos bay accross Aktio and near to the ancient Nikopolis. The city has its own special colour, reminding an island. It is the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of the prefecture of Preveza.

At its port there are many traditional buildings and in its centre there are in its narrow streets many picturesque taverns and traditional cafes. ΕPreveza is a modern city with all comforts and with a rapid and increasing touristic development.

The cultural and the artistic tense is very intense and many conferences and exhibitions take place here every year. In this city has also lived Karyotakis, greek poet. On August, every year, is organised by the municiplaity  the famous “fest of sardine” but also many other events.