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The natural park of Perdika

Perdika is a big village of the prefecture of Thesprotia, with very interesting history and a rare natural landscape. It is located between Parga and Syvota and accross Paxos and Corfu. The community of Perdika includes the settlements of Perdika and Arrilas (old citadel).

In the costal zone, and near the beach of Karavostasi, you can see the river with its centenarian plane trees, the citadel of Dymokastro (two same castles), which was a colony of the ancient Korinthioi. Dymokastro is the ancient city of Elina. Recently in this region have become excavations, which are continued at the present.

The settlement of Arrilas has a beautiful big beach, one of the most beautiful in Greece with crystal clear water and golden sand. This settlement got its name by the Roman general Arrilas who died in this water and his grave is in Dymokastro.


  • The ancient city of Elina (Dymokastro)
  • The natural park of Perdika, at the region of Somati
  • The Folk Art Museum of Perdika
  • Ai – Thanasis
  • The beaches of Karavostasi, Arillas and Agia Paraskevi, some of the most beautiful beaches of Epirus