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Pamvotida Lake in Ioannina

From Pamvotida Lake

From Pamvotida Lake

The basin of Ioannina is surrounded by the exceptional lake of Pamvotida that extends at a surface of 23 square kilometres, 470 m. over the sea surface. The lake was formed in 10.000 B.C. Its depth is from 3 to 13 metres and has a perimetre of 33 kilometres. The largest width of it is 5 kilometres and its length is 7.5 kilometres. At its west bank there is the city of Ioannina.

It is the most important lake of Epirus. On its banks there is a significant wetland. The village of Ligiades is mirrored on te water of lake, that are gathered from the torrents around and the springs around it (Drabatova etc.). The trimmings of its water end up in Kalamas river by the channel of Lapsista.

The fishermen of the Island fish with theis boats fish, eels and frogs by the lake, while every year take place rowing meets and sea ski meets (balkan rowing meets, etc.)

In 1434 Dourachan pasas of Roumeli passed over the frozen lake with its army, considering it as a land. Then he believed that this fact was a miracle and built the christian monastery of Dourachani. τIn the water of Pamvotida Ali Passia drawned Mistress Frosyni and other 16 girls.

In the years of 1888, 1928, 1958 and 1992 the lake was extremely frozen and the habitants of the island crossed it by foot or bike and walked from and to the city over the frozen lake.

The island of Pamvotida is the only populated island of lake in Greece but also the only one populated island without a name, its name is Island. The Historical Museum of Ali Passia and the important post – byzantine monasteries that there are on the island, such as the Monastery of St. Nicolas of Filanthropinoi etc. attract thousands of visitors every year.

Enjoy the beauty of the lake by visiting its fantastic island by little boats or going around the lake by your car.