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A part of the walls

The east side

Nicolpolis is located outside the city of Preveza of today. It was built by Octavius August in 31 B.C., for his victory at the battleship of Aktio against Antonios and Kleopatra. The majority of the citizens was inevitably brought from the ancient city of Amvrakia (which was located at the region of the city of Arta of today) and from Aitolia.

The city developed quickly because were given to its citizens land, freedom and other privilege. It became a beautiful city, decorated with temples, galleries, theatres, drills, public baths, mansions and other monuments. The location of the city made it a centre of communication among Rome and its colonies. Saint Paul stayed for a little period at the city, during his toyr and Epictetus established here a philosopher’s school.

It was sacked by the Goths in 267 A.D. and through the years many other lootings followed. Nowadays, are saved ruins from the stadium, the two theatres, the amphitheatre, the aqueduct, the walls, as well as a big sacrificial altra in Michalitsi. The aqueduct of Nicopolis is a big technical acievement of that era because there was not the necessary equipment. At the place of Nicopolis revealed from the excavations very beautiful mosaics, some of the most important of Greece.

The fisrt walls of Nicopolis were built by Octavius August. On the 5th century A.D. were built new ones, more effective to attacks and they were renovated by Ioustinianos in 540 A.D. The castle of Nicopolis is the most significant of the first Byzantine period with careful masonry.