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Beach of Kopraina

Church of St. Vasileios near the bridge of Arachthos

Neochori is located at a distance of 13,5 km. southeast to Arta and is built at a lowland. It is the seat of the Municipality of Arachthos. Near the village flows the river of Arachthos which after a route of 5 km. flows into the bay of Amvrakikos. The region is full of cultivation. Throughout this region there are many historical churches.

Sights in the region:

  • The stone-built bridge of Arachthos, known as “the Bridge of Arta”
  • The church of St. Vasileios of Arachthos, near the bridge, from the 15th century
  • The church of St. Taxiarches, near the bridge of Arachthos
  • In Akropotamia: Post-byzantine church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary
  • In Agia Paraskevi: The belltower of the church of St. Paraskevi
  • The village of Peranthi (3 km. northeast from Neochori)
  • The lagoon of Palaiobouka
  • In Glykorizo: Post-byzantine church of St. George
  • In the village of Kopraina (an old picturesque port): Museum of Fishing and natural history (it has: library, exhibition hall, guesthouse and projection room), musuem of Lighthouses at the Navy Lighthouse of Kopraina, monastery of Zoodochos Pigi
  • In Salaora: The research centre of Salaora (television broadcasting of the fauna of Tsoukali)