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Municipal Museum of Ioannina

View of the museum

Karaiskakis’ sword

Ivory chest

It is in the castle at the northwest side of cittadel and is housed in Aslan mosque, which was built in 1618 by Aslan Passas. He was a turkish man lived in Ioannina, whose name was Zoulficar, and he was the famous “Good Passas“. He built the mosque when he was the administrator of Ioannina and in 1611 he supressed the revolution of Dionysius the Philosopher.

In the same year (1618), he died happy because he saw the mosque complete. Behind the mosque there is his grave which was called as holy by his correligionists. At the north wall is still saved his abandoned mansion.

The objects that are exhibited are: local costumes, weavings, woodcuts, silver objects and others. A significant exhibit is Karaiskakis’ sword from Damaskus. The building was turned into a museum in 1933 and was reconstructed in 1957.

Note: Before we go to the Museum, on the left there are turkish quarters (Soufari Sarai) and on the right ruined baths (hamams) and a renovated library.

In the yard of the museum are saved the graves of prominent turkish persons and the grave of Aslan Passas . It is also an one-storey bulding that in the past was a turkish semninary. Cannons and bullets of that age are fallen on the ground.

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