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Monastery of Voutsa

The entrance of the Monastery

The Monastery of Voutsa is close the village Greveniti (44 km. from Ioannina) in Eastern Zagori. There is a path of 5 km. in the village leading to the monastery. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary and celebrates on 8th September.

Founder of the Monastery of Voutsa seeme to be the Byzantine Emperos Constantine IV Pogonatos.

The Monastery was totally destroyed by the Turks during the 15th century and was built again in 1680 (according to a sign). The Germans burnt it in 1943 during the Second World War and the only was saved was the church. In 1950 all of its spaces were rebuilt.

The inner side of the church, with arches and croos-domed, is wallpainted by the priest Athanasios and the monks Antonios and Nikodimos (1680 – 1769).