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Monastery of Virgin Mary of Spiliotissa

View of the Monastery

Between the villages Aristi and Papigko of Zagori, 48 km. from Ioannina, next to Voidomatis river, is built on a rock the monastery of Virgin Mary of Spiliotissa that celebrates on the feast of Zoodochos Pigi.

Here resorted and hid the habitants whenver they were in danger by the Turks. It was built in 1579 according to I. Lampridis. However, signs mention that it was built in 1665 by the monks Ioakeim and Sofronios and its wallpaintings date back to 1673 and they were painted by the monk Parthenios.

The foundation work of the buildings on the rock became with great success and art. The main chruch is at the east with an arched dome, while the rest temple is at the west and is cross-shaped. The woodcarving iconostasis and its wallpaintings are from the 17th century and are a sample of excellent art.

The abbey has a decoration of natural images, a work by the painter G. Anastasiou from Chios που who painted on March of 1874. During the period of the Ottoman Empire the monastery hepled a lot of schools of the around villages.