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Monastery of St. Nicolas of Metsovo

Wallpaintings inside the church

It is the monastery of St. Nicolas which loved and took care of it the nobleman Evagelos Averof – Tositsa. It located at the stream under Metsovo (at the road to Anilio).

It is unknown when the monastery was built. The year 1700 on a cornerstone refers probably at its renovation. It was a wealthy monastery (it was found a wooden tub that holded about 12.000 litres of wine).

It is about a big complex of buildings with kitchens, cells, warehouses, basements and it also has a hall where the writer Evagelos Averof wrote many of his books.

The belltower is wooden, the church is domed of one space with beautiful wallpaintings that were revealed. There are icons that date back in 1698 and 1703.

Its iconostasis is woodcarving (from spieces of the olde one). The women seats have jalousies windows. It is one of the most important monasteries of the region and is well-preserved.