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Monastery of Avel in Vissani

The monastery of Avel

The golden-plated iconostasis

The monastery of Avel is close to the village Vissani in a beautiful location. It probably took its name by a landowner whose name was Avelio. He bulit or renovated the monastery during the last years of the byzantine period, in 1770 according to a sign.

The church of the monastery is of one space and basilica with a high dome. It was destroyed by the Turk-Albanians, was built and wallpainted again in 1779, by the painters Constantine and Michael from the village Chionades of Konitsa.

The wallpaintings of the monastery are still saved in good condition, while thee siginificant thimg of the monastery is the golden-plated iconostasis of walnut tree and excellent techique from the beggining of the 19th. century. From the around buildings nothing has been saved nowadays. The monastery of Avel is dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary.