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View of the City Hall

View of Margariti

The Swamp of Kalodiki near Margariti

Margariti is a traditional settlement that it was built in 1438 by the Venetian at thee locations of the ancient city “Panaos”. It is located on the national road of Igoumenitsa – Preveza, at the 32nd km. and is the seat of the homonymous municipality of Margariti. In 1549 the Turks built here the castle which was destroyed by the Venetian.

The settlement was detroyed by the Turks during the revolution of 1733 and it was finally liberated by the Greek army on February 24th in 1913. It is the centre of many archaelogical sites of the region. Near Margariti is located the swamp of Kalodiki, a wetland of large exntend.

Sights in Margariti:

  • The castle of Margariti
  • The fountain of Banos
  • The small Canyon
  • The swamp of Kalodiki with the lilies
  • The traditional settlement “Skala”, where there are fortresses, an old fountain and desolate mansiosn, etc.
  • The mosque in the castle
  • Tombs of the ancient city Panaos
  • The mosque of the Fountain of Aga
  • The well of the market

Near Margariti is located the village of Glyki: It is about a traditional settlement at a distance of 54 km. from the city of Igoumenitsa. In the region of Glyki is located the beautiful gorge of Acheron river and its springs.

Sights in Glyki

  • The church of Virgin Mary
  • Ancient squared Tombs
  • The gorge of Acheron river with the Skala of Tzavelaina

Also in the region of Gardiki you can see:

  • The church of St. Kiriaki
  • The citadel of Agios Donatos, with ruins of the walls from the 4th century B.C.