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Monument of executed in Kommeno

Koboti is located at the southeast part of the prefecture of Arta and at a distrance of 12 km. from the city of Arta. It is built into an olive grove and its houses are beautiful, traditional and stone-built. It is the seat of the municipality of Koboti. It is also the hometown of the founder of Filiki Eteria, Nicolaos Skoufas, and the member of it K. Gerostathis.

Sights in Koboti:

  • Church of St. George. In the yard of the church there is a common grave of E. and K. Gerostathis. Among the heirlooms of the church there is an embroidery epitaph of the 1647
  • Statue of Skoufas, at the central square
  • Monument of G. Karaiskaki, at the square of Kapitanos
  • Church of St. Nicolas where there were graved the bodies of the Greek and Philellines during the battle of Peta against the Turks
  • Fortress of the 1832 at the location of Platy
  • In Sellades: Monastery of the Dormition of Virgin Mary
  • The village of Kommeno: In the wider area there is the historical village that it was destroyed by the German army during the Second World War.

Koronisia is located at the region of Amvrakikos bay and is the seat of the municipality of Amvrakikos. It is at a distance of 26 km. southeast to the city of Arta. It is a coastal village which is located at a picturesque small island. The island meets the mainland through a narrow long passage. In its beautiful taverns you can taste the fresh fish dishes.

Sights in Koronisia:

  • Byzantine Church of the Birth of Virgin Mary (church of Virgin Mary of Koronisia). It is a sample of byzantine culture and it is saved only the small church, which is the oldest one of Arta in the byzantine period (1193)
  • Little church of St. Onoufrios, in the yard of the byzantine church of the Birth of Virgin Mary

Sights in the village of Vigla:

  • Post-byzantine monastery of Virgin Mary of Rodia