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Historical Museum at the Island of Ioannina

View of the museum

The museum

Vasiliki’s grave in Aitoliko

Here, in the building that is saved till today the little monastery of St. Panteleimon at the island of Pamvotis lake resortes Ali Passia with a few devoted servants and with lady Vasiliki. According to the tradition. the castle of Ioannina was connected to the Island through an underground tunnel.

At this place was written the end of his adventurous life when a ship with soldiers under the command of Choursit Passa arrived here for negotiations and a firman – indulgence, but when they came to the hall, they pulled the trigger and killed Ali Passia.

After a harsh battle on 17th January of 1822, followed a general massacre. Ali’s head was sent to the Sultan. Lady Vasiliki was also sent to the Sultan, but later she was set free and died at the region of Aitoliko in Mesologgi.

On the floor of the museum you can see the holes of the bullets that killed Ali. The visitor will also see many objects of that period in the museum.