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Filothei – Vlacherna – Peta

Monastery of St. Dimitrios Katsouris in Plisioi village

Memorial of Philellines

See in the region:

  • The village of Filothei: It is a beautiful village with beautiful streets and significan byzantine churches.
  • In the villages of Plisioi: The byzantine church of St. Dimitrios Katsouris, one of the most ancient byzantine monuments of Arta dated bact to the 12th – 13th century.
  • In Kirikizates: The Monastery of St. Nicolas of Rodia, with mural and a beautiful decoration of the 13th century. It is about an exceptional sample of byzantine art
  • In Vlacherna: The Monastey of Virgin Mary of Vlacherna
  • In the region of Grammenitsa: The mosque of Faik Pasa
  • In the village of Peta: The monument of the killed people on the top of the village, the church of St. George
  • In the village of Neochoraki: the byzantine monastery of Virgin Mary of Bryoni

Peta is located 8 km. at the east part of Arta, on a wholegreen hill full of olive trees and citrus. It is famous from the battle of the 1822 against Ottoman, where there were killed 80 Είναι γνωστό από τη μάχη του 1822 με τους τούρκους όπου έπεσαν και 80 Philellines.