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Zeros Lake

Castle of Rogoi

Filippiada is a beautiful town of the prefecture of Preveza built on a hub point between the prefectures of Preveza, Arta and Ioannina. Filippiada is identifies to the ancient city Charadros, which was developed during the 7th and 8th century B.C. and the ruins of it are located in Kastri.

Filippiada owes its name to the love of its habitants for the horses. Filippiada is also famous for the large number of storks that accepts every year. The habitants tried to create the ideal conditions for the living of the storks and so the storks come to Filippiada every year and stay the whole summer in this town. The storks are now the symbol of Filippiada.

The town has literally a fertile plain. That’ s the reason why its habitatnts occupy with farming and stock-breeding. Especially, the last few years have been created in the region big units of stock-breeding products processing and animal breeding units, pushing the local economy and the development in the wider area.

In Filippiada worths visiting the significant churhes of St. Athanasios and St. Varvara that date back to the 18th. century. The beautiful forest that surrounds the town and the magnificent lake of Zeros, which is located nearby, will leave you the most beautiful impressions from Filippiada.

Sights in Filippiada:

  • Church of St. Vissarionas, with a beautiful stone belltower
  • Church of St. Athanasios, of the 8th century
  • Church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary
  • Church of St. Varvara, of the 18th century
  • Memorial of the battles of Bizani (battles of Gkribovo [1897] and Pente Pigadia [1912])

Sights in the wider area:

  • In Romia: Monastery of St. Ioannis the Baptist of Riganas, from which is only saved the temple
  • In Petra: Church of St. Kiriaki, Castle of Rogoi at the location of the ancient Voucheti (colony of Ileioi). In the castle is also saved the temple of the monastery of Virgin Mary of Rogoi.
  • In Nea Kerasounta: Monastery of the Prohet Elias, but these days is not open to the people.