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Monastery of St. George of Kamitzani

Cave of Sideris

The town of Filiates is built on a forest of pine trees. It is located at a distance of 20 km. from Igoumenitsa and its final border reaches to Sagiada. It is a municipality and is the capital city of the province of Filiates having a cultural centre and a hospital. It is the commercial centre of the region. Near the town flows Kalamas river.

Interesting in the region is its mountainous villages, with their old houses built by stone and covered by plaques according to the architecture of Epirus.

Sights in the region of Filiates:

  • Sagiada, a picturesque village of fishermen of the region
  • The monastery of Virgin Mary of Giromeri of the 1285, in Giromeri
  • The monastery of St. George in Kamitzani
  • The monastery of St. Minas of the 1882 in Kokkino Lithari, built onto a rock
  • The church of St. George in Faneromeni
  • The church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary of the 1847, in Tsamantas
  • The monastery of St. Athanasios in Vavouri
  • The church of Metamorphosis of Jesus Christ in Foiniki
  • The Folk Art Museum of Tsamantas, in Tsamantas
  • The Folk Art Museum of Foiniki, in Foiniki
  • The cave of Sideris in Filiates
  • “Askitario”
  • The castle of Doliani in Parapotamos – www.parapotamos.gr
  • The ancient Toroni (Peraia of Corfu)
  • The ancient site of Fanoti, in Geroplatanos