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Events in the region of Syvota – Perdika

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Port of Syvota

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Agia Paraskevi in Perdika

Events in Perdika:
2nd May: Relics of St. Athanasios, traditional feast
July – August: Cultural events: mind games, painting, sports, plays, cinema movies, music and dance performances, etc.
26th July: Feast of St. Paraskevi, traditional feast
Carnival: Carnival events

Events in Syvota:
Feast of the Ascension: Traditional feast – Organised by: “Cultural Association Syvota 2000”

Events in Plataria:
26th July: Feast of St. Paraskevi, traditional feast – Organised by: “Cultural Association of Plataria”

Events in Faskomilia:
6th August: Religious feast, traditional feast

Events in Polyneri:
21st May: Feast of St. Constantine and Helen, traditional feast

Events in Vrachona:
20th July: Feast of the Prophet Elias, traditional feast

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